Fetish it now on eBay?

Following on from yesterdays post, I thought this post would give you a laugh.

I was slightly shocked yesterday. I did also have a jolly good laugh. You see, I decided to sell two old (in the sense that I can’t wear them now, not that they are grey and ugly or anything) bras on eBay.  I have done this before with maternity bras and they sold surprisingly quickly.

I know sometimes rules apply to one thing but not another so I decided to check on eBay and ensure I could list regular bras that had been ‘used’.

A quick search and there appeared the bras.  Hang on.  As I scroll down the page to see if mine would be worth listing as they are big, basic (most are frilly, sexy types)  and I used them after I finished breastfeeding, I came across some pictures.

There were women clearly modelling their bras!

I was a little taken aback by this. Why the heck would you need to stick a picture of your boobs in a bra onto eBay? Surely us women know what a bra looks like on?



One seller had listed her item as ‘Lucys worn turquoise bra’ and the description was a classic.  It says “Photos are to show what item will look like and of no sexual content”.  Yes Lucy, clearly us women need four photos of you almost falling out of your bra so we know what it will look like on us.  I wonder if you’re trying to prove a point to your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/boss as it is rather odd to name yourself in the listing.

A bit more scrolling and it got worse. Now I was confronted (if you pardon the pun) by someone with middle-age spread and bad cellulite, modelling a bra – but via a shot of herself in her suspenders and thong with just the head missing. Judging by the rest of the body, it was probably good that her face was out of shot.  I couldn’t help myself. I had to peek. I opened up the page to find about fifteen pictures of this woman ‘modelling’ her bra.  Someone should have told her though that you cannot see the bra when she is bent over, facing away from the camera with her flabby arse eating a thong right in your face.

I wonder if I have stumbled on an eBay fetish area by mistake?

One thing is for sure, there won’t be any men in macs looking at my bra pictures!

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