Linkin Park at the O2 Arena

Yesterday my hubby and I headed of to see Linkin Park at the O2 on their The Hunting Party tour.  Support act were Of Mice & Men (their opening song is here on my YouTube Channel).  We don’t live too far from London so as a rule it would take us around 25 minutes to reach Waterloo and another 10 or so to get to the O2. But of course this is a weekend. “Over-running engineering works” were apparently the cause of our pain.  We took 1 hour and 10 minutes to do the 25 minute journey into London Waterloo and the same home. Not impressed I can tell you.  However, the main thing was that we were off for an adult night out for the first time in…well, years!

O2 Arena

O2 Arena

Arriving early at the O2, we decided to go ‘air-side’ and went into the arena area itself. Mistake!  We could have taken in a £1 bottle of Fanta with the lid off but oh no, we decided to buy drinks when we got in (which seemed sensible until we got there).  £3.50 for a Fanta or Diet Coke.  £3.50!  That was just a bottle emptied into a plastic cup.  Good grief! Talk about captive audience.  It was only £5 for a beer so the price differential was crazy.

Mobile Phone lights on

Mobile Phone lights on

We found our seats and sat down to soak up the atmosphere. We were right at the end of a row by the steps so no-one in front of us. We had a few laughs at the people tripping up the steps and one chap who had very clearly arrived too early and been way too long at the bar!

Of Mice & Men start the show

Of Mice & Men start the show

At 7.30pm, Of Mice & Men came on and got the audience warmed up. Here’s their first song (not sure what it’s called). A bit ‘shouty’ for my liking but not a bad intro band.  They played until 8.10pm.   We then eagerly waited for Linkin Park to appear.  Stage was reset quite quickly and we waited….and waited…and waited.  Finally at 9pm they came on and went straight into ‘Guilty All The Same‘ from The Hunting Party album. Fantastic!

Linkin Park

Linkin Park

Light show was amazing, sound booming – you could feel the bass vibrations right through your body. I was hoarse from singing.  Awesome!

20141123_214251 20141123_214333

20141123_214643 20141123_214716

20141123_215252 20141123_215318

They played until 9.10pm and left the stage.  Was that it?  Surely not.  It was.  That was a pretty short set considering that Chester and Mike left every couple of songs while an instrumental was played (albeit, a very good instrumental).

20141123_210050 20141123_210305 20141123_210312 20141123_210711 20141123_210952 20141123_211231 20141123_211243 20141123_213723

We decided to leave as the encore was about to start.  I’d heard this could be one or two songs at most and as so many of my favourites had been played, we headed off to beat the rush back to the station.  A wise move I think.

Here’s a link to Guilty All The Same that I put onto my YouTube channel.  This was their opening number.  Here are also my links to In The End, a medley of songs (Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day, and Iridescent (Let it Go) with Austin Carlile, the lead singer of Of Mice & Men) and The Final Masquerade.

If you’re going to see Linkin Park. They are absolutely amazing. I just wish their concert was another 30 minutes or so longer.

P.S. Hubby bought me a Hunting Party t-shirt as part of my Christmas Present. Shush…it’s a secret so don’t tell me so I’m surprised on the day!

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