Christmas is coming

I have been super organised this year. Bar a few little pressies yet to arrive from my favourite shopping venue – Amazon – due to the outlaws not knowing what they wanted for Christmas (what *do* you buy 80+ year olds who have everything?), I’m done. Yes.  Done. In fact, I was done in October *cough*.  I know, what am I like? I have even wrapped said presents and now they are all boxed up on weighing down the top of our wardrobe.

I am quite an organised person anyway.  Usually this is good and means I plan ahead but often it means that I plan so far ahead that I worry myself to death about something that may or may not happen at the end of next year.  You have to take the good with the bad right?  Anyway, I digress.

This year has certainly had its up’s and down’s but on the whole it’s not been the worst we’ve had but a few more pennies would be very welcome in this household.  I did win the Lottery but I’m saving that £25 for a rainy day.  Having been so good and saved/planned ahead, Christmas has been taken care of.  Of course I still need to get those little packets of compressed air and other fresh veg on Christmas Eve (ok, no, I won’t go, I’ll send hubby *cough*) but that’s it.


We put our tree up on 29th November. I know but I was impatient ok! Also it was the fact that all 3 girls wanted to do it together and that was a weekend before Christmas that they were all around. Yes, I know there are other weekends a bit closer but we normally put it up on/around 1st December anyway so it’s only a bit early.

Our Sky+ box is now fairly crammed with Christmas films for the girls and a few new releases for hubby, teen and I to watch (yes, I am the person who really wants to see Godzilla and the new Transformers movie – who needs kids for those?).  I still plan to have a wander around the shops though but just to enjoy the lights, bustle and festive spirit without the pressure of having to actually shop. I may even head up to London to do that with the girls and see all the light displays there.  A walk from Waterloo across the bridge to Covent Garden would be lovely. Umm…I feel a plan developing.

Nativity plays at the school are beginning along with lots of additional mufti days (what does that stand for?) and Christmas jumper days (I had to buy one especially for S last year for heavens sake – I hope it still fits!).  It’s the countdown to Christmas and I, for one, am very happy it is.

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2 Responses to Christmas is coming

  1. Muddy mum says:

    That’s some organisation! I’ve sort of started my shopping…..😝


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