Bargain Hunter

I’m good me.  I do love a bargain and enjoy my eBay sprees but recently I’ve also been looking on a local sale page on Facebook  It’s a bit nicer to buy and sell on there as you don’t have eBay and PayPal fees to pay but you also do get a lot of messers…you know, those people who say they’ll buy it, take your address, and then never turn up. Oh well.

Sometimes these time-wasters work in my favour. Take today’s case in point.

New Rock Goth Metallic Boots

New Rock Goth Metallic Boots

About a week ago I spotted these boots on the local for sale page.  I leapt in to say that my teen would like them but I was pipped to the post by another buyer.  Damn.  Never mind, I said to the seller on the page that could I be next in line if they don’t go and she said yes.  I suspected they would go so quickly though as they are £225 to buy new and these were a bargain as they’d only been worn about half-a-dozen times.

Yesterday I got a message on Faceache from her.  Yes, the first person who wanted them was a messer. Hooray!  She asked if I wanted them still. Yes!  Today I picked them up for…wait for it….£30!  I know, crazy right?  My teen is over the moon, and some.  I’ve given them a polish and they look amazing. I haven’t mentioned to her yet that they weigh a flippin’ ton and she’ll probably have leg muscles to rival a Russian lady weight lifter by the time she’s worn them a bit but that’s a minor inconvenience right?

Dead Threads Dress

Dead Threads Dress

I also picked up this fab dress.  Don’t I look great in it?  Ok, ok, you’ve got me. It’s not me (although I am very close in looks and size naturally *cough*).  Yep, it’s not a dress on me, it’s just a top (as it was on it’s previous owner).  However, having tried it on, my boobs are just too big for it.  I bet there are men out there scratching their heads saying “How can women’s boobs ever be too big?”   Oh well, either I lose 2 stone to shrink said boobs or the teen has another dress (yes dress for her with her figure), albeit a slightly relaxed fit *cough*.

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