It’s a wrap

Yesterday, while hubby entertained N (S was at school still), I snuck (that is a real word surely?) off to the bedroom and wrapped up the stocking presents for the girls.  This was the last bit of wrapping I had to do. Yay me for being so organised.

ChristmaspresentsLast week I wrapped up the main presents as the girls were both at school and it seemed like an ideal time to do it. Unfortunately my research got in the way a bit (you did know I’m doing my PhD right?) and instead of beginning wrapping about 9.30am, I started at 2pm leaving me an hour to do it all.  Nuts huh?  I wrapped like a demon and had it all done with 5 minutes to spare.  Hubby had to keep out of the dining room while I wrapped his stuff up of course.  He isn’t much use when it comes to wrapping to be fair.  He’s normally reading the paper and by the time I say “put your finger there and hold it” he looks up dreamily and says “Huh? What? Where?” so I often leave him out of it completely and just put something a bit heavier on the package and do it myself.

I’ve got sticky tape down to a fine art and usually have little bits of it cut into correct sizes for middles/ends of packages stuck to the back of my dining chairs (don’t worry, it’s not damaged them yet – unlike the drawing N did with a biro on the seat of one when she was tiny).

Despite being the official ‘present wrapper’ in our house, I’m not great at it.  I am pretty neat with squares or rectangles but other shapes baffle me and can end up looking a bit odd.  Tubes are hard work and so are hairbands (I discovered this year).  I really should keep the 3,000 (or so it seems) Amazon boxes and packs I get during the year and put things into easier shapes to wrap. That would make sense. Or to buy Christmas bags to put stuff in.  Hang on, why didn’t I think of that? I do it for parties all the time instead of birthday paper.  Maybe that will be next year’s trick!


The stocking presents have different paper to the rest of the presents of course. Well, Santa isn’t going to have shopped at Sainsburys to get the same paper as I have now is he.  The girls have little individual stockings each with their names on them.  Unlike some parents, they get a few small bits for stockings and the bulk of their presents from us.  Stocking stuff usually consists of hair stuff, chocolate, colouring pens, colouring books, stickers and the like.  Then I ensure that they have the same number of main presents each, of about the same value too.  That way it’s fair to them all – not that they know what we spend.

However, before Christmas there is N’s birthday so a bit more wrapping to do.  I can’t fit her present into a bag unfortunately…

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