Oh no they didn’t….

oh yes they did.  Love panto that is.  Sorry pantomime.  I keep being corrected by my 3 year old on that.


Yesterday a group of us mums (and a dad) from school headed off to see Aladdin in Woking.  It featured Justin Fletcher again this year and I have to say it was very good. The songs kept on coming, the kids danced in front of their seats and there was plenty of cheering and boo’ing.  All in all, a great time was had by the children (and even the teen sang a few songs).


I’m so glad we went this year as, to be quite honest with you, after last year’s panto at the theatre (also featuring Justin) I never wanted to go to one again and had tried – and failed – to avoid it this year.  Last year was Cinderella and to be quite frank, I think the cast were trying to hard to be ‘act-tors’ if you know what I mean.  Hell, this is panto. It’s supposed to be fun not serious!

Highlights this year were Justin being the wrong side of the curtain when a scene was taking place which made everyone laugh so much and stopped the two cast members on stage being able to say their lines properly as they were also laughing too much; and the day 12 of the Christmas song with the genie having brought 12 gallons of water which meant super-soaker water pistols were fired into the audience.  Much fun.

If you have a chance, get along and see it. It’s a far better panto this year…honest.

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