Not box(ing) clever

I’ve been slightly frustrated by a couple of presents my girls received for their birthdays. Don’t get me wrong, the gifts were well received and made the girls happy, but from the perspective of a parent, I am a bit perplexed.

The gifts in question are the Melissa and Doug stamp sets.  On the surface, these look quite sweet and have some nice stamps in them with fairly easy to grip handles for children to work with.  The stamps are nice and bright and the stamp pads seem to last for a while. Each box is beautifully painted, made of strong wood and well set up for the stamps inside. All good then.

My gripe is simple.  Why on earth do Melissa and Doug spend so much time and effort (and no doubt cost) on a wooden box for all the parts to fit into and then put a piece of plastic over it which has to be ripped off and thrown away.  The box is utterly useless then as if you want to keep the stamps in the box, you have to have it standing on a shelf somewhere to ensure everything doesn’t fall out!


So Melissa and Doug, here’s a suggestion, make:

(a) a lid for the box with a little catch so children can keep all theirs stamps safely together or,
(b) a disposable box and reduce the price of the sets?

Moan over.

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