Star obsession

I have a confession. I am ever so slightly obsessed with Julian McDonald’s Star clothing range, particularly his dresses.  Whilst his clothes are not always cheap (around £70 for a dress),  I am getting quite a collection. However, I don’t shop in Debenhams for them (sorry Debenhams if you’re reading this but you are too expensive – even in the sale!)

Star rules my wardrobe

Star rules my wardrobe

I am an avid eBayer.  Yes, that’s my secret. My Star wardrobe (and it’s becoming the prominent designer inside) is made up of my collection of eBay found dresses.  I have a smug smile as I write this as some of them were still new with all tags on and I picked them up for a song (well, between 99p and £10 more like).  99p for a dress. Nuts huh?  A couple haven’t quite been me but at that price, I can sell them on and most likely get my money back.  I’ve discovered that cowl necks or wrap-over dresses are most definitely something I should avoid.

I think when you find a designer/style that fits you and feels good on, you do kind of stick to it.  These dresses are all wonderfully stretchy but not too figure hugging so they look lovely on.  Hopefully they’ll fit when I’ve lost a bit of weight too (that’s another post!)  You may see that I have picked on a certain style that suits me.  The dresses can be worn for the school run, work meetings or just around the house. That’s what I love about them.  You can dress them up or down.   Ideal for someone like me.

I also love the excitement of those little packages arriving through the post.  It’s like Christmas all year round!

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