Nixies Mermaid(s)

I’m doing this review not because someone sent me one of these dolls to test, but because S was bought one for her birthday and loved it.  In fact, we got one for N for her birthday too as the first one was so much fun!

The first mermaid that arrived was Amelia.  A friend bought it from Amazon but you couldn’t decide which one you got as you received one of the 3 that there are. No problem as we didn’t have one so it didn’t matter which one came.  This also meant that the toy itself was a bit cheaper (around £8 with delivery).  S was excited to try it out (it had been on her wish list you see) and I had read good things about them in reviews so was also keen to see how good it was.

Nixies Amelia

Nixies Amelia

She arrived with the battery compartment part-opened. I suppose this is to remind you to put a battery in.  One AAA battery later and both girls were eager to get into the bath.  Noting that there is a little propeller in her tail, I tied up S’s very long hair to ensure we didn’t have any tangling problems.  Switched her on and away she went. Screeches and giggles started coming from the bath as she swam around them, went in figure of 8’s, and over their legs too.  You can position her body at the waist to make her go in circles and, in a lovely deep bath, swim in loops under water.  If she bumps the side, she often changes direction too. She looks terrific and is very good value, even if she’s actually small (about 5″).  I was very impressed.

N’s birthday came and she wanted to choose her own Nixies.  Amazon offer this service but dolls are more expensive when you select the one you want (£15 in this case). She ordered her Bella and it arrived next day (love Amazon Prime!).

Nixies Bella

Nixies Bella

Battery in and bath filled. Two mermaids swimming around.  As they bump into each other they change directions. They really do seem quite lifelike to watch.

Having tried other mermaid toys before and been beyond disappointed, it has been a real treat to have something that does what it says on the label. If you want a mermaid toy, you’d do well to pick up one of these and wait for the laughter in the bath.

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