Hogs Back Geocaching

We needed some fresh air so headed off to the Hogs Back today to do some more of a figure-of-8 that we did some of last year (or was it the year before?  Time flies).  Hubby packed up lunch and I  packed up the girls.  We skipped a few around here as we’ve already done them so we were off to hoover up one end of this loop.


Parked up, wellies on (essential kit) and headed off to the footpath to start the adventure.  We left the first of the trail we would be doing to get on our way back and started off at Hogs Back Reservoir #17 which was hard work.  There were lots of suspects around and my GPS was bouncing about like crazy so it could be anywhere in a 13m line!  We ended up splitting up and searching an area each. It was teen’s sharp eyes that spotted something odd and there it was. I  guess from previous cachers’ logs, it may ‘breach rules’ a tad but we put it back there just the same.  A tricky little find.  Lots of runners out here today.


#15 was another pain for my phone. What is wrong with my GPS? Hubby’s did the trick and we soon had the cache in hand.  Quite a few folk passed us but we carried on regardless trying our best not to look too weird rummaging in the undergrowth.


As we got to the farm through mud that was almost sucking our wellies off, we came across a family about to head up that way. I warned them that without wellies they may have problems as one chap carrying a baby had on a lovely pair of new white trainers!  They ignored us and headed that way.  Good luck!


#13 was beyond easy. This cache (regardless of what anyone said last time) was definitely not in this spot when we were here before as then 4 adults, 1 teen and 2 children all searched this very thing and came up empty handed.  So glad we can tick it off the list this time.  Grrrr…  My bloody sodding pathetic bloody phone died at this point. Really?  So cross. The phone used to be great until an Android upgrade about 6 months ago which has pretty much rendered it useless beyond an hour.  Glad hubby’s old Samsung is fine so we’re using that now.  Sandwiches being shared out as the family come walking back past us.  See, told you it was muddy *grin*


#11 we didn’t find.  To be honest, we had walked past it a bit and although hubby and teen went for  a cursory look, they gave up pretty quickly as we didn’t want to be on the road side with the little ones.


#10 was a quick find for the little cachers and they were delighted.  #9 I can imagine being a nightmare in summer when the leaves are on the trees but an easy spot this time of year.  The prickles were nasty and the tree got my hat!


#8 was another quick spot for the little cachers.  Our final one was #7 which we’d managed to walk past so teen and I headed back to search but despite  good look around and checking the clue, nothing was there that we could see and, let’s be honest, there weren’t that many places it could be!  Guess the cold was getting to us.

The last one we did, as J scrambled up the bank, we remembered we’d done it before. Oh well, nice to watch her slipping and sliding down again one more time.  Now for the long walk back UP the hill.  My legs were aching at the top.

We had a less than cursory glance for #18 as the girls had spotted the car and just wanted to get back to it now so I didn’t bother to log anything here.  Glad to rest my aching feet!

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