GOT Exhibit – So much stress for a ticket

Honestly, did Sky really not think that the moment they opened up their Game of Thrones Exhibition website that it wouldn’t be totally swamped with requests for free tickets by Sky customers?  Really?  It is probably only the most watched programme on SkyAtlantic so why would the demand be high?!

I’ve never had such a stressful 2 hours trying to get tickets.  It started at 10am with Sky Atlantic tweeting:

“Ready … steady … GO!

Sky TV customers can now book their tickets for here:

First, the system clearly couldn’t cope and after about half an hour the Tweets started as errors were being given to all of us ‘refreshers’ who were desperately trying to get tickets.

“Sorry for the frustration, due to the huge ticket demand, we’ve run into some tech issues. Please bear with us as we work through them.”

High demand? You didn’t realise that would happen?  Refresh…refresh…and another Sky Atlantic message:

In case you’re trying for tickets to , due to huge demand we’re seeing a lot of traffic to those pages. Please keep trying.

No shit Sherlock!

After nearly 1 1/2 hours, the errors were sorted but then the system said I wasn’t a Sky TV customer! Oh FFS.  I’ve only been a customer for nearly 17 years so I think my bills alone prove I am. Refresh…refresh…

“Please note: Anyone getting a message that they’re not a Sky TV customer, Please log back in with your Sky ID.”

Of course I’ve entered that!  Give me strength.  Finally, in to the system. Chose my date and time.  Accepted all boxes I needed to. Continue.  Time out despite the clock saying I had another 7 odd minutes to do it.  Argh!!!  Refresh…refresh…

Another attempt.  Clock working fine but now every time I pick says there are no tickets available.  Hells bells!  Any chance of actually getting a ticket for this?  I pick time after time.  Finally, it seems no one wants to get there for 10am (nor did I as it will cost a fortune on the train/tube in rush hour!) but I get the time slot.  Yay! Onwards entering my details as fast as my fingers will allow to register for a Sky Tickets account (could we not have done this beforehand?).  Timer counting down.  Continue…

YES!!!! Two tickets to see the Game of Thrones Exhibit are mine.  It means I’ll be leaving the house about 7am to get there but who cares.  I think I need a headache tablet now and a cuppa to calm down.

Who else is going?

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