About Me

20141226_182155I am a 40-ish *cough* mum to 3 gorgeous girls born in 1998, 2008 and 2010.

My blog was originally a page on a personal website I had but as the technology advanced, I joined up here and began blogging proper. I originally blogged for a few years and then decided I’d had enough of the whole thing and deleted my account.  After a bit of a break, I signed up again in 2011 and have been blogging ever since over on Blogger but thought I’d try out WordPress. It’s nice so I may shuffle on over here altogether at some point.

I have been an intermittent blogger. I have spells where I produce a lot of blogs (mostly because I am happy or ranty about something) then I have a total wasteland where I don’t bother much.  I have to say the latter is becoming less as I’m getting quicker at putting fingers to keyboard and realising I don’t have to write ‘War and Peace’ every time I want to say something!

My family and I are massive RHS addicts (so clearly we are members) and frequently visit our local gardens at RHS Wisley in Surrey.

Our other big passion is Geocaching.  The children love it, it gets us out to places that we would never have found before, keeps us healthy (lots of walking) and best of all, it’s free.

I’m currently a PhD student (full-time), a PhD tutor (occasionally) and an independent recruiter (when my clients need me).  I have many strings to my bow (well, 3 actually…4 if you count being a mum too).

In my former life I was an avid motorcyclist, PlayStation gamer (Final Fantasy being my favourite), enjoyer of quality hotel holidays and drinker of champagne.  I worked in both the semiconductor and IT industries and travelled quite a bit (mostly on business).  Most of these things are now a distant memory *grin*  Would I give up any part of being a mummy to go back to my old life?  Not on your nelly!

You can find me on Twitter @godders45


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